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Author Checklist
1. Copyright transform has been signed by all authors.
2. Manuscript does not exceed 5,000 words for Review Article.
3. Manuscript does not exceed 5,000 words for Original Article.
4. The manuscript shall be written by MS Word, typing with 11-point font, double-space, and 2.5 cm-margin at both sides, top, and bottom.
5. Standard abbreviations are defined in a key at their first appearance in the manuscript, and are consistent throughout the text.
6. Generic names are used for all drugs. Trade names are avoided.
7. Normal laboratory values are provided in parentheses when first used.
8. No more than 100 references are cited in review article.
9. No more than 50 references are cited in original article.
10. A corresponding author and complete address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address are provided in cover letter.
11. Written permission from publishers to reproduce or adapt previously published illustrations or tables is included.
12. Informed consent forms for identifiable patient descriptions, photographs and pedigrees are included.
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